Barbara (Robinson) Shillington

 From the CHRISTIAN GUARDIAN January 18, 1871

   Barbara Shillington was born in Ireland in 1779. In her twentieth year she was made the subject of converting grace, and united with the Wesleyan Church. In 1819, she with her husband and family moved to Canada and setled in the township of Goulbourn, where there home has been and is still, the resting place of the messenger of peace.


   For upwards of seventy years she led a consistent and godly life, regularly, even to her last, attending all the means of grace; and , in her daily intercourse with the world, rigidly adhered to religious principles. For years previous to her death she anxiously looked for her release, "desiring to depart and be with Christ."

   On the 22nd of September last, she gently fell asleep in Jesus, leaving as a legacy, to a large circle of relations and friends, the testimony of a life well spent.

Thank you John Shillington of Australia for this article.