Descendents of Barbara (Shillington) Smith

   Barbara Shillington was born April 3, 1848 at St. Mary's, Ontario and died March 18, 1939. She was the daughter of Thomas Shillington and Caroline (Lawrence) Shillington. On November 15, 1871 at St. Mary's, Ontario, Barbara Shillington married Peleg Smith, son of William Smith and Elizabeth (McBride) Smith. They were married by the Rev. Hurlburt, Uncle of the bride. They settled in Manitobe in 1879. Peleg was born on August 20, 1846 at St. Mary's, Ontario and died on March 20, 1939. The children of Peleg and Barbara Smith:

   William Thomas Smith, born August 06, 1872 at St. Mary's Ontario Canada, died December 29, 1964, Treherne, Manitoba, Canada.

   Edward Garnet Smith, born February 04, 1874, St Mary's, Ontario, Canada, died in 1937.

   James Lawrence Smith, born February 17, 1876, ST. Mary's, Ontario, CAnada, in 1903 he married Christina Grey Bowman. He died July 03, 1972, Burnby, B.C.

   Caroline Shillington Smith, born November 19, 1877, St. Mary's, Ontario, Canada, died August 03, 1913, Vancouver B.C. Canada.

   George McBride Smith, born 1881, Portage La Praire, Manitoba, died 1881.

   Charles Peleg Smith, born 1881, Protage La Praire, Manitoba.

   John Albert Smith, born June 04, 1886, Indianford, (Rathwell) Manitoba, died July 03, 1984, Abbotsford, B.C. Canada.

   Tilly Smith, born 1892, died 1892, Indianford, (Rathwell) Manitoba.

   Wesley Peleg Smith, born november 14, 1894, Indianford (Rathwell) Manitoba, died May 03, 1986, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.