DESCENDANTS OF Henry Shillington

   Henry was born in Ireland in 1815, and came to Canada with his brothers in 1840. No information is available to clearly establish the family history in Ireland. After locating at St. John, Henry went into business for himself as a stevedore. He married Ann Venables, an Irish girl. From this union there were five children. In later years he became the keeper of what was known as Reed's Castle, which during his tenure, was visited by the future King Edward VII, then Prince of Whales.



Henry Shillington


Children of Henry and Ann Venables:

   Thomas born May 10, 1852. married Mary ��After her death he married Hattie��..

   William Henry born 1854, married Grace Crosby

   James Edward born 1856, married Jennie Talbot.

   John unknown

   Ann Jane unknown

Thomas, William Henry and James Edward, moved to the United States and settled at Lynn Massachusetts. Thomas and Edward were carpenters and worked with the third brother William Henry who became a building contractor.