Children of James Shillington
and Eliza (Kerfoot) Shillington

   William Shillington: On December 16th, 1847 he was married to Margaret Trimble, who was born June 16th, 1826. According to Lovells Directory of 1857, William was running a general store in Richmond at that time. Later they moved to Blenheim, Ontario where they spent the rest of their lives. Margaret Trimble died in 1885 and William followed in 1897. They are both buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Blenheim.

   Thomas Shillington: On June 29th, 1854 he was married to Margaret Henderson in her father's home. Thereafter they lived at North Gower until the death of his father and mother in 1867. At this time Thomas and family then moved back into the old James Shillington home and lived there until his death September 6th, 1902. His wife, Margaret Henderson, born in 1833, predeceased him in 1891. The couple is buried at Munster.

   Ann Jane Shillington: Married William Mains of North Gower, Ontario. Little is known of her early life, however it is reported that she spent her later years with her son Alex and lived to more than 90 years. She received a gold medal during World War I for her sock knitting record on behalf of allied soldiers.

   Barbara Shillington: Married John Henderson and lived at Watford, Ontario near Robert Kerfoot. Later, along with the Kerfoot family, they moved to Scranton, Iowa. John Henderson died at Sherwood, N.D. in November of 1903 and was buried in the cemetery at Elmore, Sask. Barbara died in Spokane, Washington in 1923.

   James Shillington: Married in 1863 to Margaret McFarlane and died about three years later on January 25, 1866. His wife, who was born August 12, 1845, died at St. St. Marie in 1903. Both are buried in 5th line cemetery.

   Lydia Shillington: Married Wesley Alcock, who was born in 1840. In 1886 the family left for Western Canada and settled at Hartney, Manitoba where many of the Shillington's were living nearby. In 1901 they moved on to Medicine Hat, Alta. Wesley Alcock died in 1926, and Lydia followed in 1932, at the age of 90.

   John Shillington: Known in his home area as "Little John", he was married in 1866 to Harriet Watson in Nepean Township, Ottawa. It is known that they moved to Hartney, Man. John died in 1902 and his wife followed him in 1919, both are buried at Hartney.

   Eliza Shillington: Married James McFarlane. Other information lacking.

   Margaret Shillington: Married Robert Edwards. After his death she married a widower, John Fuller in 1873. No other data available.

   Samuel Shillington: Married Ann Eliza Poole on August 12th, 1867, who was born in 1848. He died July 12th, 1880, and his wife married a second time, to Richard Craig, of Kempville. Their daughter, Dr. Moffit, resided in the old home near Ottawa.