Descendants of Thomas Shillington

   From all available records it is generally accepted that Thomas, who with a part of his family, left his home in Northern Ireland to emigrate to Canada in 1818, was the first of the Shillington famiies to come to the new world of the North America continent. We are not sure as to the reasons he may have had for choosing to do so. Possibly it was the challange and opportunity promised, Who knows?

  As the records show, he acquired land which he farmed for more than twenty years, during which time his son John was born. In 1840, at the age of 63 years he died, leaving John at the age of seventeen years, to run the farm and look after his mother, the widow Barbara. It was only a few months after this that John married Ann Kerfoot and together they farmed and took care of Barbara until her death in 1870, at the age of 90 years.

  From an ancient Atlas Carleton County there is a record showing that the Shillingtons, along with certain other of their neighbors from back home, settled in a location almost in the middle of what subsequently became Goulbourn Township in Carleton Township. Historical records tell us that Thomas Shillington was born in County Tyrone in 1777 and married Barbara Robinson of Portadown in 1798. The same records indicate that there were four sons and six daughters in the family but not all are know to us. Those recorded as coming to Canada in 1818, include Thomas, his wife Barbara, as son, James and two daughters, Nancy (Ann) and Barbara.

  The Shillingtons, along with their neighbors, were eventually able to secure a post office which was named Munster, after the area back home where some had migrated. The Ottawa archives contain records of land grants to both Thomas and his son, James.

Thomas Shillington's cabin..

  In reference to Thomas, there is a petition, dated 18th, March 1828, asking the Order-in Council, dated 24th, February, 1824 granting a deed to Thomas Shillington of NE 1/2 of Lot 12, Concession 5 of the Township of Goulbourn, be corrected to read NE1/2 of Lot 13. This homestead land of Thomas' was eventually turned over to his son John, who lived his lifetime there and founded a dynasty of his own, among whom the author of this (C.Howard Shillington)record is a great grandson.


The children of Thomas and Barbara:

Ann Nancy Shillington, born August, 1801, died June 20, 1885.

John Shillington, born about 1804

James Shillington, born 1805, died January 06, 1867

Jane Shillington, born October 20, 1809

Jane Shillington, born about May of 1815.

Thomas Shillington, born 1817

Barbara Shillington, born December 23, 1819

John Shillington, born February 11, 1823, died in 1888.