A Census carried out in 1850 revealed that there were 961,719 people in the United States that had been born in Ireland. At this time, they mainly lived in New York, Pennsylvania, Massachuettes, Ohio, New Jersey andIllinois. Between the years of 1848 and 1856, Chicago was the center of ten major railroad lines. 100 trains came and went each day. The railroads were Chicago's first major industry and the Illinois and Michigan canal became the second. This connected Lake Michigan with the Illinois River which connected Chicago with the Mississippi River system.

William Shillington and his wife, Mary Ann Smith lived in Belfast Ireland. A son was born in May of 1846, his name was Isaac Shillington. Isaac came to the United States and lived in New York and then moved to Chicago and married Mary Ann Skerritt (b.1854-d.2.12.1907). Isaac and Mary had nine children: James, William, Arthur, Charles Julian, Blanche, Evelyn (Moulder), Loretta (Wagner) and John Henry who was on the USS Maine, that fateful day.

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May 5,1934 John Henry Shillington John H. &  Frances M. Shillington May
28, 1977
May 5, 1934 Frances


Shillington Information:

Henry was born in 1815 and died in 1880. He settled at St. John, New Brunswick where he married Ann Venerable (1826-1900)